Anti-Spam Policy

Email Abuse: "Spam" or "Unsolicited Commercial Email"

If you have been directed to this page by an email error message, welcome, this page explains possible reasons why your message was rejected and how you may communicate with us. Please read carefully.


Our company policy states (in part), "The equipment and resources (including telephony and computer equipment) of the company have been obtained for the benefit of the company and staff or other people have no right to use them for any other purpose." Therefore, no one has any right to use our computers for purposes not related to our business. This includes email, and connecting to our computers for the purposes of sending email that is not related to our business (as we define it).

Spam, also known as unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or junk mail, is not related to our business, and we choose not to receive it. In order to enforce this decision we use a variety of anti-Spam techniques. Occasionally, these may reject email from legitimate senders, these people may contact us again as described below.

Conversely, we do not send out spam ourselves. We use our address lists in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, we do not resell them. We do not purchase bulk mailing lists, in most cases we have an email address because the owner gave it to us. We will remove you from our mailing lists on request. We also secure our mail servers against unauthorised use by spammers. We welcome reports of abuse and will investigate and take action as appropriate.

"But My Message Isn't Spam!"

Your message should fulfil these criteria:

Your message must not:

If your message meets these requirements, but has been rejected, please contact us on +852 25550209. We will ask you for the rejected message and the error reported, so that we can correct the problem in future.

Reasons for Rejection

In most cases, the error message you have received indicates the specific reason for rejection:

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