Policy on Use of Company Equipment and Resources

Virus Prevention in Email

If you have been directed to this page by an email error message, welcome, this page explains possible reasons why your message was rejected and how you may communicate with us. Please read carefully.


Our company policy states (in part), "it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that we do not send a virus to our clients or suppliers." Therefore, we have implemented measures to prevent the transmission of viruses in our email. All outgoing email and most incoming email is tested and scanned using Sophos Puremessage.

"I Need To Send You A Virus Sample"

Yui Kee Computing does distribute anti-virus software, so, for technical support purposes, we do accept virus samples sent to a special-purpose address: virus@samples.yuikee.com.hk. Email and attachments sent to that address bypass the scanning process and are received directly by our technical staff. They will be analysed and, if necessary, reported to anti-virus developers. The sender, if a customer, will receive a report of the case.

"You Sent Me A Virus"

As we scan all outgoing email, this is quite unlikely. Many viruses (such as W32/Klez) forge the sender's address when sending email. However, we investigate all reports carefully, please send a copy of the infected message (with full headers) to our address for samples: virus@samples.yuikee.com.hk

More information about W32/Klez and email forging

"But I Didn't Send You Any Messages!"

An automatic reply is generated when a message is blocked. Unfortunately, this is probably sent to the wrong destination for viruses that forge the sender's address (see Sophos' information on W32/Klez). The situation is not ideal - we want the sender to know that their mail is not getting through as soon as possible, but currently there is no way to specify "send a warning unless the virus is known to forge the sender's address".

We apologise for the inconvenience.

"But My Message Isn't Infected!"

The warning message describes the reason why your email was blocked:

Virus found in message

Sophos Anti-Virus has detected a virus in the message. The name of the virus will be listed in the message body. It is possible, but extremely unlikely, that this is a false alarm. Please update your anti-virus software and, if necessary, send us a sample.

multiple extension found

Many email viruses try to disguise that they are executable attachments by adding a double extension to the filename, such as LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs so we block any attachments with more than one "." in the filename.

However, people sometimes give files a double extension innocently. If this is the case, please rename your file, and resend.

Please let us know if you have any problems sending us email, please contact us on +852 25550209.

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