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SSH Tectia Solution

Managed Security Middleware

SSH Tectia is a unique managed security middleware solution from SSH Communications Security designed to cost-effectively deploy and centrally manage secure end-to-end communication within the corporate networks of financial institutions, governmental organizations, and large enterprises.

SSH Tectia Products

SSH Tectia solution has a modular structure and it includes the following product components:

SSH Tectia Connector

SSH Tectia Connector is a transparent, corporate end-user desktop client software that provides dynamic tunneling of client/server connections without the need to re-configure the applications.

SSH Tectia Client

Formerly known as SSH Secure Shell for Workstations, SSH Tectia Client provides secure interactive file transfer, and terminal emulation for system administrators to manage servers running SSH Tectia Server or other appliances using the Secure Shell protocol.

SSH Tectia Server

Formerly known as SSH Secure Shell for Servers and SSH Secure Shell for Windows Servers, SSH Tectia Server is a server-side component for SSH Tectia Connector and SSH Tectia Client. With multi-platform support, SSH Tectia Server can be installed in a wide variety of operating systems thus facilitating the adaptability of SSH Tectia into a heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

SSH Tectia Certifier

SSH Tectia Certifier is a public-key infrastructure (PKI) product for issuing and managing digital certificates in an enterprise environment. Support for two-factor authentication enables the use of smart cards and hardware tokens for strong authentication for both client/server and clientless web-based connections.This module also consists of SSH Accession and SSH Token Master components.

SSH Tectia Manager

SSH Tectia Manager is a unique management and operations module for operating secure services in a corporate infrastructure. It is designed to scale and reduce the operating costs of large and dynamic deployments of SSH Tectia client/server solution.